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In an ideal world you would go into a pregnancy having first done 6 months to a year of preconception prep to ensure that you’ve addressed any nutrient deficiencies. Of course many of us are not doing this and we go into pregnancy in an already deficient state.

In pregnancy, the relationship between mom and fetus is such that the babe will take everything it needs but often at the expense of the mom. Any deficiencies that were there before pregnancy are going to be compounded which of course can leave mom feeling really depleted.

Assuming adequate time, rest and proper nutrition these nutrient deficiencies will return to their pre-pregnancy state however most of us are not creating an optimal environment for this to occur. As a general whole, we are not getting adequate rest postpartum, wanting to get right “back at it.” Moreover, in Western society we don’t typically have a community of relatives, friends and caregivers that we can “switch off” with. From a nutritional perspective, few of us are eating as we should, preferring quick, one handed meals while bouncing a baby in one arm and tending to a toddler with the other.

And so we continue along in a depleted state. Burning ourselves out further as we go along. Add to that multiple pregnancies close in time and you end up with significant deficiencies that added together can make you feel really damn depleted and exhausted even YEARS down the road.

So you need to rebuild. Seek care. Assess and address the deficiencies with targeted therapy – specific supplements and botanicals. Rest when you can. Eat nutrient rich foods. And in time that exhausted, depleted state will lift.