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I’m big into skincare. Techniques, treatments, lotions, and potions. I have drawers full of various beautiful creams and serums. I love clean beauty products. But while my treatment and product game is on point, how am I doing internally? This is where things really happen. Is my digestion optimal? What is my stress level? Am I getting sufficient sleep? And how is my nutrition – macronutrients as well as micronutrients? Am I drinking enough water? How are my hormones – thyroid, adrenal, sex hormones? Let’s be honest, if all of those things are not as optimal as possible, no treatment or amount of cream/potion/lotion is going to make a significant difference. The body is an integrated system and the skin is an organ within that system. If something is off, I’m likely going to see it in my skin. So yes, enjoy all of those beautiful techniques, treatments, lotions and potions – there is great evidence behind many of them and they provide a ritual of self-care – but take a look at what is going on inside. That’s where the magic is. #skincare #wellness #cleanbeauty #health ?Ian Dooley