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We are in pandemic status and understandably, we are all feeling pretty damn anxious about it. Fear of the unknown and the inherent lack of control in all of it will do that to you. So how do you keep anxiety low in a situation like this? My view, focus on what you CAN control:

1) Focus on your actions. Absolutely, follow guidelines (and stay abreast of changes as things are moving quickly). You know the drill, but it’s worth repeating – wash your hands (often), don’t touch your face, disinfect high touch surfaces, practice social distancing, stay home if you’re sick, work from home if you can. Our actions amount to a big impact and we are all in this together.

2) Focus on your health and well-being generally. Level up the basics – eat nutrient dense foods; practice good sleep hygiene; limit/reduce stress as best you can (your mind is a powerful player in this); get outside in the fresh air; continue with your healthcare regime as prescribed. If all of this feels like too much or you need guidance through any of it, consult with a healthcare professional. You are in charge of your health and making decisions respecting it can be empowering at a time like this.

3) Focus on the facts. Not the hype or sensational news. Facts. Reputable sources.

How you respond is where your power lies.

***During this time, I will be available to see patients either in person or via televisit. If you’re sick, stay home and let’s chat by phone. If you’re not sick, but just don’t want head out into the world, stay on your couch and let’s chat by phone. Your preference.