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“As an RMT I always have to be on top of caring for my body.  If I fall behind on self-care, minor injuries and aches creep up and may affect my ability to work.  Most of my workouts at the gym involve core activation activities.  My target muscles for myself include: pelvic floor muscles, transverse abdominis, lower trapezius, and longus coli.  These are the muscles that are key stabilizers that I like to make sure are in good health and are always a part of all of my activities whether its work or playing volleyball and doing martial arts.

Another self-care tactic is staying properly hydrated at all times.  If I ever become dehydrated, my skin becomes dry and may easily crack. As you can imagine, RMTs wash their hands countless times a day between patients; so, our hands are prone to becoming dry.  Staying well hydrated with water throughout the day is very important to my skin health and self-care regime. “

– Jonathan Paez, RMT