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Meet Yasmin Prol

Yasmin is a Certified Nutritional Practitioner and also holds a Bachelors of Business. She began her professional career in the fashion industry, launching a fashion wholesale agency at the age of 21. She sold her successful company at the age of 30 and embarked on a new journey by following her passion of holistic health.

Yasmin‘s passion is supporting clients on their journey to feel their best by addressing the root cause of disease and treating the entire body – Mental and physical.

Her focus is to teach clients ways to simplify their life, while amplifying their health. She strives to find the WHY behind every imbalance, disease, or nutritional deficiency. She supports clients by rejuvenating them from within, and educating them on steps to detoxify, repair and regenerate their cells, thus reducing inflammation, boosting detoxification and balancing their hormones.

While working with Yasmin, you will learn to use food as medicine and feel empowered through positive nutritional choices. Her goal is to support clients to feel better, live longer, and become stronger. 

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